The difference between a resume and an academic CV

Are you looking for a job as a part-time professor or adjunct faculty member?

For your best chance of getting a teaching job in higher education, you want to have a specifically formatted curriculum vitae, or CV as it is commonly called. In the United States, there is a very clear distinction between a resume and curriculum vitae. In many countries, the document used to find any job is called curriculum vitae, with the document tailored to the type of job. As a part-time professor, you will need both a CV and a resume. The resume will be used when you are seeking a position in your professional field and the CV will be used specifically for academic positions.

When presenting your qualifications to deans and department chairs of universities, a well structured CV may mean the difference between receiving an interview and having your credentials dismissed. The curriculum vitae also shows that you know what is expected in higher education.

The chart below gives you a quick view at the differences between a typical resume and a CV.


Although the CV may appear a bit intimidating, it allows you to present both your knowledge and your experience. I suggest that you start creating your CV now. The process of developing your CV may help you see gaps or what you need to highlight. For example, if you do not have direct teaching experience, maybe you led workshops at your job; or if you have not published, you might want to write some articles for a professional journal or an online magazine. Keep in mind, you do not need a five-page CV in order to get your first part-time teaching job. You can start searching for your first part-time position with your current experience. Adjuncts are not expected to have the same amount of teaching experience, research, and publications as tenure-track or core faculty. However, as a part-time faculty member, you are expected to have a good grasp of academia as well as the knowledge of your professional field.

For more information on creating a curriculum vitae, read the ebook Become a Part-time Professor.

What’s your experience applying for jobs as a part-time professor?

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  1. Ritesh Sharma
    Ritesh Sharma says:

    Thanks a lot for this article as i was searching for this kind of information and i always got confused that what is the exact difference between Resume and CV but after reading this article my doubt got cleared and i got detailed information on this topic, now it will be easier to create CV or Resume for myself.Thank You. Going to bookmark this for sure.

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